When you wish upon a weinstein online dating

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When you wish upon a weinstein online dating

I feel a bit like the doctor telling the lifelong smoker with stage-four lung cancer that an addiction to cigarettes is adversely affecting his health. Nothing the doc says is going to budge the smoker from his habit. In a similar fashion, war has become a habit to which the United States is addicted.

Except for the terminally distracted, most of us know that.

It’s not exactly a good news story, to put it mildly.

Here in its entirety is the nut graf (my own emphasis added): “Armed with a by Western-backed local forces, a negotiated peace and the establishment of a popularly supported government in Kabul capable of keeping the country from once again becoming a haven to any terrorist group.” Now if you buy this, you’ll believe that Harvey Weinstein has learned his lesson and can be trusted to interview young actresses while wearing his bathrobe. forces fighting in Afghanistan over the past decade and a half have experimented with just about every approach imaginable: invasion, regime change, occupation, nation-building, pacification, decapitation, counterterrorism, and counterinsurgency, not to mention various surges, differing in scope and duration.

For starters, there is no “new strategy.” Trump’s generals, apparently with a nod from their putative boss, are merely modifying the old “strategy,” which was itself an outgrowth of previous strategies tried, found wanting, and eventually discarded before being rebranded and eventually recycled. We have had a big troop presence and a smaller one, more bombing and less, restrictive rules of engagement and permissive ones.

We demand accountability of powerful individuals and institutions. ) What’s puzzling is why that capacity for outrage and demand for accountability doesn’t extend to our now well-established penchant for waging war across much of the planet.

In no way would I wish to minimize the pain, suffering, and humiliation of the women preyed upon by the various reprobates now getting their belated comeuppance.

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In the military equivalent of throwing in the kitchen sink, a U. Special Operations Command four-engine prop plane recently deposited the largest non-nuclear weapon in the American arsenal on a cave complex in eastern Afghanistan. commanders have quietly shelved any expectations of achieving an actual victory -- traditionally defined as “imposing your will on the enemy” -- in favor of a more modest conception of success. and allied troops on the ground will provide more trainers, advisers, and motivators to work with and accompany their Afghan counterparts in the field.