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One trailer debuted earlier this year at Star Wars Celebration and a behind-the-scenes reel was released this summer at the Disney D23 Expo, with no official word on a follow-up trailer.

That being said, Mark Hamill did mention that we should all watch Monday Night Football on October 9th.

Lucasfilm has done a great job keeping a tight lid on the release of anything to the public about , which opens in less than three months.Cultural artifacts date back to the Bronze Age, as well as those of later Scythian and Sarmatian settlers.There is also evidence that the Chernyakhov culture flourished in the area from the second to the sixth centuries.Its industry specializes primarily in machinery and in electronics.There are hundreds of industrial companies in the city, including the Morozov Design Bureau and the Malyshev Tank Factory (leaders in world tank production from the 1930s to the 1980s); Khartron (aerospace and nuclear power plants automation electronics); the Turboatom (turbines for the hydro-, thermal- and nuclear-power plants), and Antonov (the multipurpose aircraft manufacturing plant).

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