Tank is online dating

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Tank is online dating

I am not one to get in the way of anyone’s personal endeavors.

Guy 5: I would look for similar interests, but not generic “long walks on the beach” things.

A good woman usually plays things closer to the chest.

Maybe it’s my pride, but I think there’s something to be said where you can go up to someone (before you know that they’re attracted to you) and build the connection from the ground up without having to read who they are from a webpage. To say Tinder ruined dating would be like saying Twitter ruined all personal social interaction. Guy 4: I don’t believe Tinder will ruin a person’s dating experience, just as long as they don’t use Tinder as their only method of dating.

Guy 3: I have formed genuine connections over the length of my singlehood. In conjunction with a lot of activities, Tinder can be of great use.

Not in the sense that women shouldn’t do stuff, because they can of course.

I just know that I would be busy with what I got going on on my end, and maybe our schedules wouldn’t be able to line up right to spend time with each other on a consistent basis.

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I want the person who I start dating seriously and I to have a fun backstory about how we met.

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