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In 1962, Helen Gurley Brown released a revolutionary book: “Sex and the Single Girl.”She wrote about what the young womeon of her generation silently did: they had many sexual encounters before marriage and enjoyed their sex life.

The book became a best-seller and Brown turned “Cosmopolitan”... If you hate paying extra for guacamole or people who walk too slowly (we’re looking at you, left side of the steps on the subway walkers), your just-as-peeved soulmate is out there and a dating app aptly named Haterwants to help you find them. Whether you’re seeking sour, sweet or maybe even sparkly –the Independentin Union Square is your destination for Boomerang-worthy Valentine’s Day sips.

The Indo's Beverage Director Lauren Vigdor created a series of clever, shimmering cocktails exclusive to this year's ode to love. If you’re single and swiping, it’s likely that you’ve felt dating fatiguebefore. Most online daters cycle through times of being proactive — sending and swiping — and times of...

At some point, many of us will reflect on how much we've contributed to these Marvel movies, most of which have been worth our time — "Iron Man 2" being one exception — even as the price for movie tickets starts to approach that of a major-league sporting event.

And this is where we lament the thought of losing the Liberty Theatre from the Lake County landscape.

Milwaukee, many of us are left to guess how much we have saved over the years by choosing to see movies at a small-business discount rate rather than at one of the corporate complexes that try to lure us in with their bright lights and reclining seats. 1: This is in no way an overt endorsement for the Liberty Theatre. On the other hand, I can assure you that this is not the complaint of a Poor Little Rich Man.

If, say, the Mundelein Cinema or The Dunes in Zion had survived as "cheap movie" options, they would have caught some of my business. Anyway, I'll try to do some rough math here, so everyone might want to keep a safe distance in case something blows.

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The sad news earlier this summer was that the storied venue was on the market for $3 million as a "redevelopment opportunity." What chance does nostalgia for a Depression-area building have against modern-day prospects for 170 feet of Milwaukee Avenue frontage within 700 feet of a Metra station?

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