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Robin, Peter, and Azeem escape through a sewer and into an alley, but Peter is shot and mortally wounded by an archer.

They rob soldiers and convoys that pass through the forest, then distribute the stolen wealth among the poor.Instead of attacking Robin, Will informs him of the sheriff's plans to marry Marian and execute Robin's men.Will continues to display anger against Robin, which motivates Robin to question why Will hates him so much.As such, Robin recruits a band of merry men to help him battle Prince John and the Sheriff, they who include: Blinkin, his blind longtime servant; Ahchoo, the misguided son of Asneeze, the man who helped him escape from prison while fighting in the Crusades; Little John, who seems to think that being called Little is only coincidental to the fact of he being a hulking man; and Little John's ... In the next shot, when one of Don's associates answers "We'll make him an offer he can't refuse", the Sheriff's right arm is on his stomach.At 1 hour, 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Don Giovanni tells the Sheriff of Rottingham that Robin Hood will not resist the archery contest set for the next day. See more » This is a funny film and I like it a lot. This is, of course, the usual good vs evil with Robin against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

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Robin's successes infuriate the sheriff, who increases the mistreatment of the people, resulting in greater local support for Robin Hood.