Plunderland online dating

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Plunderland online dating

In 1974, Naomi evoked women’s experience in a wildly funny but powerful comedy routine about rape, which she performed in several cities. They provide a rich resource about her many interests and activities that we hope people will explore.Amy Kesselman was involved with women’s liberation in Chicago.Names long enough to require a very big banner, we thought.We also collaborated on figuring out our mission and how to convey it.In what was probably one of her first feminist actions, Naomi organized a group of women graduate students to take notes on the quality of their dates.

She loved Lenny Bruce’s way of shredding the hypocrisies of convention.By Amy Kesselman and Virginia Blaisdell Naomi Weisstein was a multitalented, passionate, visionary feminist whose contributions to women’s liberation encompassed an insightful critique of psychology, creation of the Chicago Women’s Liberation Rock Band, and articles about science, music, comedy, and feminism.Naomi was a pivotal figure in the development of women’s liberation, both nationally and in Chicago.She even had dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian.It was her pursuit of destabilization—of scientific conventions, cultural orthodoxies, expectations of “femininity”— that made it so invigorating to be in her orbit.

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I went back to New Haven and found some women in our local feminist group who wanted to form a band.