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Naughty skype

But all said and done, if true love wins and both of you are here for the long haul, use these tips on holding a long distance relationship together even when you’re both miles apart and you’ll be able to make it work. Spend more time talking to each other and keep each other in the loop about your lives.

Talk often, more than you ever have Both of you can’t really meet every evening or even every week anymore. Unless either of you get annoyed with regular calls, speak often with each other.

Learn to trust your partner and help your partner trust you Long distance relationships can be more painful than fun if your partner’s someone who’s always attracted a lot of attention.

But the one thing that matters here is the big question, do you trust your partner?

So if you really do think that both of you are perfect for each other, give it a go.

But if you’re not really convinced by long distance love or the dearth of sexual intimacy, let your point be known.

On the other hand, help your partner trust you and believe you.

Always be frank and talk about every little incident so your partner never feels like they’re left out of the loop.

And as long as both of you take an initiative to meet up, both of you will feel good about it.Learn to trust your partner even if you’re having doubts about it.Making friends and meeting new people is natural and inevitable.And don’t skip out all those little intimate details like what you had for dinner, what color is your underwear and which side of your bed you’re facing.After all, if you can’t take a peek into each other’s lives, the next best thing to keep love alive is to hear about every intimate detail.

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