Mlp dating sim beta

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Mlp dating sim beta

As it turns out this God Slaying Blade Works is proving to be surprisingly easy to write, i've only been at it for a couple of months and it's already longer than anything i've ever written before.Lets hope i can keep it up.27/09/13 - As of today it's been one year since I first put up the initial chapter of God Slaying Blade Works.Anyway I just wanted to offer thanks to all the readers that have supported me up to this point and to say that I really hope to continue to write these fics as well, or even better, as I’ve managed to up to this point.23/07/14 - Well, things have been a bit hectic since i got back from my holiday without internet, but i thought i'd write a bit here about what happened, at least as far as my writing goes anyway.When i first started writing the Golden Prophecies i was lucky if i could do 400 words a night, imagine my surprise when i found myself belting off 1000 words per night easily, and not just that, the quality of what i'd written had definitely improved considerably.Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Chapter Seventeen: The Gathering Storm - As of 08/08/13 it is COMPLETE.Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Chapter eighteen: Night of the Fallen - As of 16/09/13 it is COMPLETE.

Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Christmas special - As of 24/12/14 it is COMPLETE. Update on the status of 'God Slaying Blade Works' Chapter Twenty Six: Sea, Surf and Sand - As of 20/01/15 it is COMPLETE.

At the time I’d recently gotten my first laptop and was trying to write an original fiction, however my style was a bit on the rough side so I thought to get a bit of practice by finally putting up a fanfiction after years of reading them.

I honestly never expected it to be as well received as it was.

Honestly when I did it was just as a whim, I’d noticed that there weren't any Fate/Stay Night/Campione crossovers.

Since I’d quite enjoyed the first half of the Campione anime and was a huge Fate fan I thought 'why not'.

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All in all i think that it's safe to say that my fanfiction writing has improved my ability considerably.