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Internet dating superstuds rar

The new album is laced with 14 punk gems, plus an enhanced portion loaded with the results of the "Internet Dating Superstuds" Blind Date-style contest. Catchy, poppy, punky and sometimes downright hilarious.This is my first taste of the Vandals, but I'm gonna check out some more stuff. Vandals never fail to impress, and this CD is no exception.Josh freese is well known to many, but his best work was for Suicidal Tendencies on their Art of Rebellion cd, so check that out. You'd have to be some kind of moron to not like the fucking vandals. Most of the songs are original and catchy in their own right, but only a few shine out and can compare with their great songs from previous CD. I reccomend this CD to Vandals fans and fans of light-hearted, comical punk rock.This cd has more of the funny lyrics and catchy choruses and beastiality that youve come to expect from the masters of joke-rock. when i first heard the Vandals i was truely amazed, but changing your sound to gain 14 year old girls as fans maybe pretty 'funny'..thats the area where bands like Blink 182 will always succeed, this is awful, the worst thing ive spent my hard earned cash on.

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