Independant women and dating

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Independant women and dating

Trying to micro-manage my schedule or constantly asking for updates on my whereabouts are major turn-offs.Think of me as a beautiful butterfly in the palm of your hand.You want her to need you so that you can feel your worth.You want to be in control; you want to be the one who says, ‘I got this! She’s the one who has it under control; even if it means she’s falling apart inside. She’ll never ask you to wait for her because she knows not to expect anything out of anyone—no matter how dear to her you may be. She won’t tell you any of her stories, even if she’s been dying to tell someone—anyone—about her side. You may never know about the scars she’s got; or the hurt she’s been accustomed to by now because she doesn’t think it’s important enough to talk about anymore. And if she makes you a promise, it will be the only thing she ever keeps.When you give me the freedom to fly, I will always return.

You’re afraid of the fact that on nights, when she’s been through hell, you might not even know it because she can take care of her own self; even if that means crying herself to sleep.You can’t feel threatened by my interactions with other men. But, I also really enjoy devoting time to my work, being with my loved ones, and spending time alone, and I relish being able to fill my day with a variety of experiences that bring me joy.It’s important that you know your value and are confident that I would not even consider being intimate with another man, because I respect you and the sanctity of our relationship. When we are not together, please show the upmost respect for my time and space.She stopped justifying herself to the world a long time ago—the day she realized no one and nothing ever lasts forever.She doesn’t need your shoulder to cry on when the night’s too dark and she doesn’t need you to walk her home when it’s late. She doesn’t throw around words like ‘women’s rights’ and ‘feminism’ at the drop of her hat; or start a debate on women’s equality every time she’s around a man.

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As a man, you’re only too used to doing that; you love doing that, just like you enjoy the occasional ego boost. That’s something that you not only have to understand but, also—and more importantly—need to accept.