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Mackenzie has a lot of mental illness,' Michelle said this week. More importantly, her disclosures serve to reveal the squalid underbelly of drugs and sexual decadence that lurked below the surface of the Sixties' hippy movement.

Certainly, the chequered story of The Mamas And The Papas, who were once lauded as 'The American Beatles' and sold 40 million records in a little over two years in the middle of that decade, can be seen as parable of the age.

At debauched parties, guests were handed bowls of cocaine and LSD tablets as they entered the house.

The couple bought a mock Tudor estate on a hilltop in upmarket Bel Air, where the Rolling Stones and The Beatles were regular guests.

One evening in January 1978, when Jerry was working in South America, Mick attended a party in the building thrown by one of his wealthy neighbours.

A fellow guest was his old friend John Phillips, ex-leader of hippy pop group The Mamas And The Papas, who had arrived at the soiree with his teenage daughter, Mackenzie.

Theirs is a classic tale of drug addiction, wild sexual experimentation, wasted talent and the untimely deaths of three of the group's four original members. Marines officer, who had himself briefly flirted with a career in the military.

The principal player in all this conspicuous excess was John Phillips, chief songwriter and creative genius behind the group, whose close harmonies and preaching of love and tolerance made them huge stars with lavish fortunes to match. He formed The Mamas And The Papas in 1965 with wife Michelle, a Californian model, singer Denny Doherty and 22-stone Cass Elliot, 'Mama Cass'.

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During the late 1970s, the mink-wearing grand dames of an exquisite Beaux Arts apartment building overlooking New York's Central Park often found themselves sharing its magnificent marble lobby with a variety of beautiful models and groupies.

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