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Eclipse updating indexes android

p2 doesn´t know anything about the different formats, and when instructed to load a repository at it will simply cycle through each format which has been contributed, looking for metadata (content.jar, composite Content.jar, maven Artifacts.mvn, obr Repository.obr, etc/). What if you want to control the order in which p2 searches?More importantly, what if you want to control the order and offer a fall-back (Use the OBR format if the client can read it, otherwise use the standard format)?It is simply a property file, listing the type of repositories supported and the order they should be tried: This example instructs the p2 client to use the OBR format if it understands it, otherwise it should fall back to the standard XML file.If it can´t read either of these two, it should give up because there is nothing else here.Furthermore, what if you want do dynamically change the repository format?These are server configuration problems, that is, it´s up to the server administrator (not the client) to give advice about what repository formats are supported. The p2.index file is the first file p2 reads, and it gives advice to the client about what repositories exist on the server.p2 typically stores its metadata in XML files (or content.xml). There is actually an extension point which you can use to contribute your own formats.

To prevent this, you must ensure that the new version of the app that requires a new index is not the live version of the application until the indexes finish building.

The Eclipse provisioning platform (p2) is notsimply an update mechanism for Eclipse.

It is a platform which can be instantiated and extended to construct provisioning solutions.

To upload only the index configuration for an app, use the deleted from App Engine automatically.

This gives you the opportunity to leave an older version of the app running while new indexes are being built, or to revert to the older version immediately if a problem is discovered with a newer version.

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The most common solution is the update mechanism we see in Eclipse, but that´s far from the only use of p2.

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