Dead alive braindead online dating

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Dead alive braindead online dating

But Latasha Spears Winkfield said her daughter is still alive and her Christian beliefs compel her fight to keep her daughter on life support, Dolan said.

Alameda County Judge Stephen Pulido ruled Tuesday that it’s up to a jury to determine whether Jahi Mc Math is alive, which would increase the damages jurors could award if they determine doctors at Children’s Hospital in Oakland botched a routine operation to remove the girl’s tonsils.Chris Dolan, who represents the family in a federal lawsuit seeking to rescind Jahi’s death certificate, said the family was “overjoyed” with the judge’s ruling.Read More: Girl predicts devastating outcome of her own tonsillectomy “It’s literally a matter of life and death,” said Dolan, who is seeking the unprecedented verdict from a jury so the family can move the girl back to California, where doctors would be compelled to care for her.The images, some made public by the girl’s relatives, show Jahi twitching her fingers and reacting to odors that Shewmon and her relatives said were noxious without providing more specifics.Shewmon said Jahi’s body has not deteriorated as expected.

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Hospital lawyers have argued that the family has not subjected Jahi to tests accepted by the American Medical Association to determine whether someone is brain dead.