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While adolescent girls are prone to give a running commentary of the daily dramas in their lives, boys of the same age are more likely to mope around monosyllabically, like Harry Enfield’s character, Kevin the Teenager.

The reason is that two regions of the brain, the parietotemporal area, where speech and language are processed, and the frontal lobe, which governs decision-making, link up to one another around 18 months sooner in girls than boys, giving them a clear advantage, not only verbally but also in reading and writing.

She had just called her first witness in a trial that would drag on for ten more days. “No,” replied Cheryl Lindsey Seelhoff, the plaintiff in this case and publisher of , an intentionally quaint magazine with old-style serif fonts and vintage illustrations.

Hold tight and try not to be too impatient if your 20-something is not yet standing on his or her own two feet.

Before long they will be equipped with all the brain material they need to manage their own lives and, once again, become a joy to be around.

Create a space, with a desk, which your child learns to associate with work and steer them towards it to do homework or revision.

Encourage them to work earlier in the evening and then sleep on the information they have learned to solidify it in their minds.

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But, worryingly, obsessive gaming in adolescents, to the exclusion of most other activities, appears, like addiction, to have immediate and long-term negative effects on the brain, impairing the ability to make decisions as well as store and retrieve information.

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