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"Super Constellation Testifies of Unified Design" ().A "super constellation" formed of seven 7-star constellations, all arranged in a kite pattern representing the Priesthood Pattern of Seven, testifies that the constellations were designed as a unified set. The Book of Enoch contains a prophecy dividing the history of the world into ten "weeks".The Uniform Venus Calendar witnesses Jesus Christ, the seven chief angels, noble women, Hanukkah, and the restoration of the latter-day church. The Book of Mormon was apparently restored on a timetable governed by the trecena of the Sacred Round."Venus Calendar Patterns Testify of Scriptures" (). "The Creation and Birth of the Lord's Church" Meridian Magazine ().

"The Prophetic Dream that Saved Martin Luther" Meridian Magazine ().The Uniform Hebrew Calendar testifies of Adam, Christ and many key events of sacred history."Uniform Hebrew and Enoch Calendar Cooperation" ().The witness of the Prophet Joseph Smith is provided in detail. The gospel significance of the constellation of the Sea Goat has been a thorny problem.Now the recent discovery of a thorn (spear) in its side verifies that it represents Christ being crucified because He had been mistaken for a goat rather than being the Lamb of God. Easter Sunday this year on is unique in history in symbolizing both the Savior's birth and resurrection. The precise length of our solar year testifies of the design of a super-intelligent Creator.

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"Star Calendar Testifies of Christ and His Servants" ().

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