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”I think I would do it out of rebellion," she said."I don't like when anybody tells me to conform to any idea."I mean, Scott and I have talked about it many times over the years. But I don't think we would've done a big wedding—we would've done something really small, just us and our kids." After their most recent (and seemingly permanent) split in July 2015, which was spawned by Disick getting cozy with another woman, the odds of them actually walking down the aisle now seem like well below zero. "Scott says he still wants to get back together with her, but hasn't done anything to prove it," an insider told . She knows she looks amazing and she isn't putting up with any of his s**t…Kourtney tells him if he wants her back, he needs to show how much he's changed, but instead he's out partying at Coachella and will complain to his guy friends about how many rules Kourtney imposes on him." in 2010, "I don't have the marriage chip, and neither of us have the greatest examples of marriages in our families.But Jen is the love of my life, and we've already been together four times longer than my parents were married." The same year, he told the ), "We may not have a piece of paper that says we're husband and wife, but Jennifer is more than just a girlfriend. I need to unpack and buy some house stuff, like candles and books," she said. That's a big step into adulthood for me, to allow that time for someone else out of my time." When asked if she'd marry Jackson, she replied, "Welcome to my dilemma." Adding to the dilemma? "I can tell you why we're not married: we're not religious," he told the mag in November 2014.), saying, "The moment he asked me to marry him, I was like 'Oh, God! ' But what I realized is, I don't want to be married. He knows his role in her life." She added, "Gayle is very, very present.

The actual ceremony is not something that is important to me—but I see the importance for other people." She had a change of heart in December 2014 when she got engaged to Sean Penn after a year of dating—but they split six months later.that she thinks she "failed at" settling down and starting a family because she didn't quite understand that marriage requires more than romance. "They were originally planning to tie the knot in October 2010, but it was called off," an insider said."At this point, it doesn't seem like a wedding will ever happen." that she's been engaged three times (including a high profile betrothal to Lance Armstrong) and never married for a good reason."I mean, it's like joining a country club that doesn't allow Jews or black people. " She added, "And besides that I don't know that I would want to get the government involved in my love. I had some insane idea that I had to be 'in love.' Now I see what it really takes: real consideration that you're a good team together." Keaton, who's now a single mom of two, said she was desperate to make it work with co-star and love of five years Al Pacino. He told Jennifer Hudson has been engaged for nine years to former wrestler David Otunga, and they share a son together. J-Hud told Wendy Williams, "Well, the ring is still there and we will get married one day but again, my thing is, once I get married, I don't believe in divorce. We want to be completely sure we're together, we're happy and when it's time…I think that's the key, take baby steps." When Williams pointed out that having a kid and being together for almost a decade goes beyond baby steps, she explained, "That's my definition of baby steps!Personally." Of course, considering the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal in America just a few weeks later, so we may see her and Sheen walk down the aisle sooner rather than later. A good man who would be a great father, I really do. "But he was even less inclined to be realistic than me," she said. " Perhaps her hesitation is warranted: sources told that the couple are rarely together and previously got cold feet.

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Their split was said to be contentious, so who knows if she'll ever want to get engaged again?

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  2. Yes, chances are Stella and I are not gonna live happily ever after. And when that happens, it'll be for one of a million possible reasons. And when it does fail, so help me God, it's not gonna be because of some rule.