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Brigitte nielsen and flavor flav dating

Each challenged was designed to weed out the gold diggers, fame chasers, fakes, and chicken heads.

Whether it was meeting Flavor Flav's celebrity friends from the world of hip hop or accompanying him on a trip to some exotic local, these girls were constantly be put to the test.

Each season of Flavor Of Love started single women from all walks of life, selected for their expressed love for Flav, moved into a "phat crib" in Los Angeles and vied for his affection.

With help and advice from Big Rick, Flav's gigantic body-guard and chauffeur, Flavor Flav dated all of the women, weeded out the ones who are only after his fame and fortune in order to find his one true love.

Nielsen physically developed at an early age and was devastatingly beautiful by the time she reached her teenage years.

She dropped out of high school at 16 and moved to continental Europe to pursue a modeling career.

There marriage, however, only lasted 18 months until she left amid rumors over an alleged lesbian affair with her female secretary. She gained a worldwide audience with her role in , and sang the pop duet "Body Next To Body" with Austrian singer Falco.

Nielsen has morphed from being internationally known as one of the most beautiful women in the world in the mid-1980s into a washed-up overweight skank a mere 20 years later.

Nielsen, sometimes called "The Great Dane," was born on July 15, 1963 in Rødovre, Denmark.

Nielsen made her film debut in Red Sonja with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nielsen reportedly had a hot affair with Schwarzenegger, who took Nielsen home to meet his mother in Austria.

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